Sponsored video: Friday Front Bar

The Friday Front Bar has almost completed its second year and has gone to another level in 2016.

Starring Andy Maher, Sam Pang and Mick Molloy, and produced by Molloy Production together with Carlton Draught, the show launched in 2015 and was a short 15-minute program, looking at the lighter side of the game.

The trio sit at a bar in Melbourne in a footy program unlike any other. It is a relaxed vibe, as they sip beer and chat about the topics currently taking the footy world by storm.

After huge success in its first season, achieving 400,000 views for the 2015 season, the show returned in 2016.

This time, the show moved to the small screen, evolving into a half hour program airing every Friday night after the footy on Channel 7.

Maher, Molly and Pang discuss all the hot topics that have caught the attention of the media over the week, while executing hilarious one-liners with brilliant precision.

Their fresh, hilarious take on AFL is refreshing and a must watch every week.

They are joined by special guests each week, ranging from footy legends of years gone by to some of those who perhaps don’t receive the recognition they deserve, such as the umpires of our great game.

The show can be viewed on AFL.com.au and Channel 7, including Plus 7 catch up TV.

Check out the latest episode of the Friday Front Bar at www.AFL.com.au/fridayfrontbar and like their Facebook page for more updates and great insight.

Post sponsored by Carlton Draught.