Adelaide’s Rory Sloane is confident his teammates will be ready to face the Eagles tomorrow after a solid training session in Perth today.

“The last few days we’ve gotten back to a good routine — it is what we know, it is what has worked for us all year,” Sloane said.

“We flew over as a team together today — and we have started talking footy. So that has definitely helped.”

Sloane, who is currently out injured, said the Crows are ready to honour to their late coach Phil Walsh with a win.

“Phil strived for elite standards — and tough hard players who played team first … I’m expecting to see the boys play like that tomorrow,” Sloane said. “You will see some tough boys playing hard.”

“I think they’re coping OK,” Simpson said of the Eagles. “We got through the game last week, probably with a heightened emotional connection to what happened. But it feels like they’re OK this week. They’ve trained well.”