Alex Silvagni has been handed a four match ban by the AFL Tribunal for striking West Coast’s Jamie Cripps.

The tribunal deemed the conduct to be intentional, high contact and high impact, with Silvagni pleading guilty as charged.

West Coast’s Chris Masten has been suspended for two weeks after being found guilty of biting Nick Suban after a long and tense hearing. West Coast argued: “Suban’s actions were completely unnecesaary. He was trying to roughen him (Masten) up by climbing on his back and throwing his forearm in Masten’s face & mouth. The result of that is Masten’s mouth and face were pressed into Suban’s forearm.”

The Eagles’ lawyer asked the jury to find Masten’s actions “an instinctive or involuntary reaction to the situation he was in.”

However, the tribunal found Masten guilty of biting, suspending him for two matches.

Earlier, Brisbane’s Luke McGuane was unsuccessful in overturning his rough conduct charge on Kade Simpson and will now pay a $1500 fine. He could have accepted a $1000 fine with an early guilty plea.