North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says he wants Brent Harvey to play on in 2016.

“If he keeps doing what he’s doing, I want him to play on,” Scott told Channel Nine.

Harvey had 34 disposals against Brisbane in his 400th match two weeks ago and had 20 disposals and kicked two goals last night against Carlton.

“The individual never comes before the club. It’s a romantic notion that’s going to be spoken about a lot that there’s a potential record there. Once the club starts putting the individual ahead of the club then you’re on the spiral downwards. I’m genuinely hopeful the best decision will be made for both,” Scott said.

“At the moment, he’s playing terrific footy and we’ve won the last four games. If that continues, hopefully it’s a good outcome for everyone.

“We’ve talked about it and there are certain things that (Harvey) has got to do to make sure that physically he’s right to go and that he’s playing a role for the team.

“He wants to play for team success and if he can play a part in that, he’ll play on. But if he can’t, he won’t.”