North Melbourne coach Brad Scott has demanded an apology from those who accused the Roos of tanking in the lead up to last night’s 41 point loss to Richmond.

The Kangaroos started the game well, even leading at half time, before being over run by the Tigers in the second half and Scott said that his team’s aggression early in the match shows just how much they wanted to win.

“I haven’t heard anyone say this, but I’ve been led to believe there were people who think our intention wasn’t to win the game,” Scott said at his post match press conference last night.

“Well they should be ashamed of themselves, and we take that as a personal insult and I hope they apologise.

“You don’t have blokes like Jack Ziebell, Kayne Turner and Majak Daw at the start of the game attacking the ball and attacking the opponent with the ball like they did if we didn’t care about winning the game.

“So they should apologise. I don’t know who they are but they should.

“There were some pretty ill-informed views I suspect, based on what our CEO has told me.

“But I’m not here to correct those. I’m just here to do the best thing by our footy club and the AFL is there to set the rules.

“They’ve set the rules really clearly and we play within them. I don’t know what everyone else wants us to do.”

North Melbourne are likely to face Richmond again next week in the first week of the finals.