Melbourne midfielder Jack Viney has been handed a one game ban for punching Port Adelaide’s Brad Ebert.

Jackson Trengove can accept a $1000 sanction for making unnecessary contact to the face of Max Gawn.

Adam Tomlinson can accept a $1000 sanction for striking Tom Lynch.

Jake Stringer ($2,500, third offence), Tom Liberatore ($1,500, secondoffence) and Alan Toovey ($1,000, 1st offence) were all charged with engaging in a melee.

Brisbane’s Trent West was cleared of contact with Hawthorn’s Will Langford. It was decided that West did not sling Langford into the ground, with the tackle deemed to not be unreasonable.

Geelong’s Steven Motlop was cleared of contact with Carlton’s Zach Tuohy. It was determined that no forceful contact was made to the groin area.

Jordan Lewis was also cleared for contact on Nick Robertson, with the Match Review Panel agreeing that there was no significant high contact made.


  1. So the Port players get nothing Ebbet stated it, should of hit him harder. Why was Dixon to Up before the MRP for jumping into Viney One of the biggest on the ground against the smallest real big man ???

  2. I like that Buddy lays an elbow to Tarrant’s head and a straight right to Thompson’s chin and doesn’t even get reported. Just like last year when he got 2 weeks for something anyone else would have gotten 4+ weeks for. Protected much?

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