Adelaide Crows Head of Football Operations David Noble speaks to the media. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

North Melbourne chairman Ben Buckley is holding high expectations of David Noble, stating the newly appointed coach has two to three years to have the Kangaroos contending in the top four.

Noble was announced as the club's senior coach last Friday following Rhyce Shaw's decision to stand down from his role due to personal reasons, with Noble edging out Essendon assistant Daniel Giansiracusa and Collingwood assistant Robert Harvey for the Arden Street job.

Speaking on SEN, Buckley said a "combination of things" separated Noble from the rest.

“This is in no way disrespectful to those that didn’t get the job, I think David presented himself as a very experienced operator within the football industry," he said.

“He’s coached football teams, he’s been an assistant coach at AFL clubs, he’s been a list manager, he’s been a Head of Football and GM of Football both at Adelaide and Brisbane.

“I think David’s wealth of experience, diversity of experience, maturity, his ability to lead and create a whole football program probably set him apart from others.

“Realistically, David’s got two to three years to really get us into a position where we’re competing regularly in the top four and ultimately looking to win a premiership.

“That’s our ultimate goal.”

The Kangaroos finished 17th in 2020, winning just three matches.