Jamie Mcmillan has performed a brilliant prank on two of his North Melbourne teammates.

Sam Wright and Sean Atley both play their 100th game this week, however, have received little recognition as their milestones have been overshadowed by Brent Harvey’s 400th.

Resident prankster Jamie Mcmillan clearly did not want his teammates to feel left out, so he organised a fake press conference for Atley and Wright with their Kangaroos’ teammates posing as journalists and asking question.

When they walked into the media room at Arden Street, they believed they were heading in for a one on one interview about their milestone games.

“They play their 100th this week and obviously Boomer’s 400th had all the attention so we thought we’d give them a little bit of loving,” Macmillan told NMFC.com.au

“I’ve rounded a few boys up to act as journalists and ask a few questions.

“They think they’re heading up stairs to do a one on one interview.”