North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says he had no problem with Joel Selwood’s controversial tackle on Sam Wright on Saturday night.

Scott said suggestions that Selwood’s tackle was similar to Chris Judd’s infamous chicken wing tackle against the Roos in 2012, in which the now retired Carlton champion received a four week ban, were “ridiculous.”

“No, I don’t personally (see anything wrong with the tackle), but I understand why people will look at it and say ‘gee that’s dangerous’,” Scott told SEN radio station on Monday morning.

“I’ve heard comparisons to Chris Judd, I think that’s ridiculous.

“I don’t think it was anything like that. I think he pinned the arm and he held it. I’ve talked to Sam Wright about it specifically and he said ‘look, I have absolutely no issue with it’.

“People will form their own opinions, and try to make assumptions about what Joel was thinking, which I think’s unfair. On the evidence available, I don’t think anyone likes the look of a player having his arm pinned and pulled behind his back, but I don’t think that was Joel’s intention and Sam Wright certainly didn’t think it was his intention, either.”

The Geelong captain is expected to be sent straight to the tribunal.