Richmond ace Dustin Martin has been forced to apologise to a woman after a drunken incident at a Chapel St restaurant.

Martin was dining at Mr Miyagi restaurant and bar on Saturday night when he was escorted from the venue after an altercation with a female patron.

Witnesses said the Tigers player was “behaving like an idiot” and the woman had asked him to calm down.

A co-owner of Mr Miyagi’s, who would not give his name, initially denied anything had happened before later admitting: “something went down.”

Channel Seven’s Michael Scanlan has reported that Martin threatened to stab a woman with her chopstick.



    • Hmmm…maybe Richard.
      Have seen him in action on the grog…..disgraceful….and none of my mates act like that….
      However we do live in an alcohol-fuelled bogan society that these things happen far too much…

    • They aren’t all bad. I didn’t like Nick Rewolt as he looked like a pretty boy wanker. Came into my work on the off season a bit as one of the owners was on the board at the Saints… He is an absolute legend. Remembers everyone’s name. Shakes your hand, says please and thank you. Judd is another. Absolute nicest guy.

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