Picture: Robert Prezioso. Source: HeralSun.com.au.

St. Kilda coach Alan Richardson has called for rookie list rules to be changed to make it easier for clubs to play those players during the season.

Small forward Adam Schneider has been elevated from the rookie list, with Richardson saying he is like an on-field coach for the younger players.

However, with clubs only permitted to elevate one player from the list after the bye, it means exciting young players such as Jack Sinclair or Jason Holmes can not be tried this year, unless a player makes way by moving onto the long term injury list.

“My understanding of the rookie list was that it was brought in to make sure that teams become competitive when there was a lot of injuries,” Richardson said.

“You could bring in these guys but, financially, there was not the commitment for the club that a primary list player would take.

“That all makes sense but I don’t think there’s the need now.

“I don’t see there’s a negative in having these guys come in and play on your list and that’s what we would be pushing for.”

The Saints coach said the club would lobby the AFL for the rule to be changed.

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