Alex Rance considered retiring from AFL during his contract negotiations.

Richmond’s Alex Rance says he considered walking away from the game all together before re-signing with Richmond for four years.

Rance is said to have decided to re-sign with Richmond once he came to the conclusion that his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness, his family and his relationship with his wife Georgia would not be affected by continuing to play football.

“I did consider (walking away from the game),” Rance said on Monday.

“Like I said previously, if I thought football was going to impact on my family, my beliefs or my relationship with my wife, then I would very seriously think about leaving the game.

“But I’m very happy with the decision I made and I feel like it is the right decision.”

The 25-year-old said that moving to Perth to be closer to his wife’s family was a slight consideration, but once he decided to continue playing football at the highest level, he knew he wanted to be at Punt Road for the haul.

“I would have to say that it (playing at another club) was (a consideration), but it was never a massive thing,” Rance said. “But when it came down to the crunch, I knew that it was Richmond or nothing at all.”