Adelaide coach Don Pyke says he is confident forward Josh Jenkins will remain at the Crows.

Reports have indicated that the out-of-contract Jenkins is the subject of a big money offer from the Lions, worth as much as $750,000 per season.

However, the first year coach said he is not concerned by the rumours.

“On Josh Jenkins, it’s with list management, it’s an ongoing, work in progress and I’m going to leave it with them to get that deal done as soon as they can,” Pyke said.

”Clearly he’s a wanted player and Josh is on the record saying he wants to stay and play, so we’ll let the list managers and the guys get the job done.

“My understanding is that it’s working through the process.

”The parties are in discussions to conclude a civil arrangement for both and hopefully that will be sorted out pretty shortly.”

Jenkins has enjoyed his best start to a season this year, booting 26 goals in the opening nine rounds, averaging three per game.

He has played 78 games with the Crows since making his debut in 2012.


    • Crows don’t need to match Brisbane’s offer, even if Jenkins goes to Brisbane, they will still be shit.

      players have also turned down lucrative offers just to stay at their current team, If a player likes it enough at their current club and wants to stay even for a smaller sum of money, there is nothing clubs like Brisbane can do about it.

      besides if I was playing at any other club, I wouldn’t move to a club that will more than likely stay near the bottom of the ladder for many years to come.

  1. Danger played for Geelong falcons? Grew up there…so Jenkins family is all here huh? Was on the rookie list at bombers..was a back up when crows got him. Now he has value in money 27..what crows pay him? 350k? Betts was 550k.a year?..750 a year to go to lions..surely he will get a 600k offer to go to guess is Carlton or Melbourne..tee up with former crows in wright kerridge and trigg who got him to start with or Vince and Goodwin at dees

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