Melbourne coach Paul Roos. Picture: wayne Ludbey.

Paul Roos says that Melbourne’s poor ball use is what ultimately lost his side the game on Monday afternoon.

The Premiership coach was steadfast in his assessment that turnovers cost Melbourne the game, despite the influence of Travis Cloke and Adam Oxley.

Roos said that as the coach he must accept responsibility for allowing Oxley to roam free across half back, racking up a game high 14 marks.

Thirteen of Collingwood’s 17 goals were directly from turnovers.

He also insisted that his reference to his players not following orders was a truthful statement.

“I think sometimes people make too much out of it. I see the industry as pretty straightforward. I’ll try to answer the questions honestly. Sometimes people like it, sometimes people don’t,” Roos said.

“The main responsibility is to explain to the players why the game was lost and work on those areas that we need to consistently get better at.”

“If [they’ve] got one back even though we felt they should not have, clubs deal with that and you have to use the ball really well.”