Fairfax media has reported that players face a four match ban and a $5000 fine if they receive a second strike under a new proposed AFL illicit drugs policy.

The Age understands that the new policy could be formalised as soon as next week.

The proposed new model would involve the following sanctions:

First strike: A player would receive a $5000 suspended fine and drug education, counseling and treatment, and increased urine and hair testing.

Second strike: A player would receive a $5000 fine and be suspended for four matches and the club chief executive and player welfare manager will be informed.

Third strike: A player would be fined $10,000 and suspended for 12 matches.

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  1. AFL should have a zero tolerence policy, why give players 3 chances at stuffing up their AFL careers, since the AFL is soft on this topic, they should give the players 1 chance plus a massive fine and the compulsory courses, if they fail the 2 test show them the door, or are they going to wait until it reaches the stage like in the NRL where players from the Gold Coast Titans are supposed to be using and selling the s..t, as we all have seen in the media the Suns are linked through a code hopping player

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