MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 11: Nathan Buckley, Senior Coach of the Magpies addresses his players during the Collingwood Magpies training session at Olympic Park Oval on January 11, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Collingwood has expressed concern over the hardness of its training ground during the pre-season.

The Pies train on what appears to be one of the best and most pristine training grounds in the competition on Olympic Park Oval outside the Holden Centre.

However, midfielder Taylor Adams told Sportsday Radio on Wednesday¬†that the side was unhappy with the state of the ground prior to the Christmas break, with the the ground taking a toll on the players’ bodies.

“Yeah, I think there was a few concerns pre-Christmas, but since we’ve come back after the break, the ground’s actually a lot softer,” Adams said.

“Obviously we had a fair bit of rain over that period.

“There’s always concerns about the training and playing surfaces, obviously we spend a bit of time out there, three big sessions a week, clocking up to 40km.

“So you want to make sure that’s right.”

Olympic Park Oval will host the opening match of the¬†inaugural AFL Women’s competition between Collingwood and Carlton on February 3.