Picture: Wayne Ludbey. Source: Herald Sun.

Hawthorn’s Sam Mitchell says he did not intend to injure Nat Fyfe after he was fined $1,000 for kneeing the Fremantle star on Sunday.

Mitchell, has admitted that he needs to change his ways, after it has been revealed that several other clubs have also taken issue with Mitchell’s ‘corking’ of opposition players with his knee.

“I looked at the vision that the MRP look at and I can understand why it’s not a good look and it’s not a good thing for the game,” Mitchell told Hawks TV.

“Although it’s not my intention in that situation to hurt the other person, it’s purely just to protect myself.

“I guess the game has given me the feedback that I need to change the way that I go about doing that and the mechanism I use to protect myself,” he said.

“It’s just an instinct thing that I’ve done for a long period and something that I now need to change.

“It’s purely a technique, no one wants to have criticism, no one likes that in particular.

“I know what my intention is and it’s purely a reflex reaction, it wasn’t my intention to hurt Fyfe.”