MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07: Eddie McGuire, Collingwood Football Club President and his sons Alexander McGuire and Joseph McGuire look on as the Magpies leave the field after losing the round seven AFL match between the Collingwood Magpies and the Carlton Blues at Melbourne Cricket Ground on May 7, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has revealed that he considered quitting following the Pies’ shock loss to Carlton on the weekend.

McGuire said he was so dejected after the loss, that he contemplated whether his 18-year rein as president should come to an end.

However, he said his two sons urged him to stay on as president.

“I was actually in the rooms – I haven’t been that laid low from the footy for a long, long time. I was completely shattered as were our supporters who were giving me their honest and frank opinion,” McGuire said.

“You question yourself. You have done this for 18 years, can you go through it again? Have you got any more ideas and I look at myself and I go – a lot of the things that I brought to Collingwood when I first came in, have been taken away from me now with equalisation.

“I don’t know if I could impact on the club – I question myself … and you agonise and you are standing there and your family is around and you look across at people who are killing themselves, the players, the coaches, all those people, and you do, you go away, you drive away and you have a tear in your eye. Is it frustration – what do you do?

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“Then my wife told me on Sunday morning, my two boys – I had to do Fox Footy – my two boys had got home and one was going to see the Bulldogs game that night, they are mad on the footy, and the other, Xander, was going down to a mate’s place. Mum said: ‘C’mon, put some gear on’, and both of them refused to take their (Collingwood) jumpers off.

“They said: ‘No, this is the tough time’, and they got me on Sunday and gave me the pointy pointy and said: ‘We don’t quit. This is it. We have to tough it out’.

“It was the best thing in my life I have ever had from them.”

Collingwood, who now sit at 2-5 after seven rounds, play Brisbane at the Gabba this weekend.


  1. as a long suffering Blues fan, it was the highlight of season 2016 (so far) to beat the Pies & see the look of complete despair on Eddies face ,after the siren blew.

  2. Eddie saved our club many years ago and we’re obviously thankful for that. But now, to walk away from this situation, a situation that he played a big part in making, is a disgraceful thing.

  3. No doubt about it Eddie got the pies of their knees a long time ago. BUT this playing favorites to a once gun footballer is NOT they way we should go
    Time for a full change right across. Need ruthless people not a jobs for the boys scenario.
    Thanks Eddie but i think its time.

  4. it wasnt that big a shock surely, the blues have been winning and collingwood have been ……. well i reckon you get the gist of it

    • That’s one man crash that went one step too far. A proven coach who gets the team into the grand final then had to step aside for an unknown.

  5. He was very flat on Fox Footy that night. He either needs to give up being Collingwood president or give up media work. In my opinion, the type of person he is, he just can’t do both.

  6. Eddie is the best thing ever to happen to Collingwood, he has brought you stability and success. He has stuffed up with the appointing of Buckley and needs to undo what he has implemented- that’s it. I’m a Carlton supporter and loving the failure of the pies but don’t forget what he has done for you. Stand behind him

    • Well he doesn’t play the game or coach the side. He’s doing a great job with everything. If Buckley was a mistake than its one of a very few that he’s made. I think our assistants should be looked at if Buckley is getting all this heat

  7. ffs Eddie McGuire harden up and act like a man! carlton have been losing for years and when they finally show they might be back on track you cry an want to pull the pin. grow up

  8. its a pretty piss poor effort for a president to mention quitting because of bad on field performances, that is as low as it gets, i cant see too many pies supporters wanting eddie to stay if thats his attitude, perhaps he has finally seen the light and his premature appointment of an untried coach is starting to hit home, it took a while but there ya have it, and now he wants to run away from the mess he created CLASS ACT ED

  9. As a North supporter we would like to thank Eddie for hiring Buckley after we offered our coaching job to him, Thanks Eddie we nearly made the mistake that you did.

    • Maybe it’s time time to stand up and admit that HIS decision to push out Malthouse for Buckley was a mistake and fall on his sword. Sack Bucks and walk away Ed’.

  10. “A lot of the things i brought to collingwood when i came in, have been taken away now by equalisation”.. this bloke is the biggest wanker I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!

  11. Nah,stay Eddie,words of Blasphemy spoken at a time of great anguish,greener pasture is not far away,move to Ireland,electronics,that sort of thing,or are you laughing,sado masochistic rules says Go Pies.This from a bloke,who’s brother wants to be PM………….

  12. Ya don’t walk out on ya club!! How un-Australian is that?
    I’m an Essendon supporter and have been for nearly 50years. If any one would walk away from their club it would be us Essendon supporters for what we have had to endure for the last 4 years or so. Our membership has hit new heights.
    Eddie is showing his true colours(typical media response) got to be on top or not in at all mentality
    Die hard pies, just let him go he’s a loose unit anyway!!!!!

  13. Why don’t you sack Buckley, great players don’t make great coaches! The list hasn’t changed that much since the grand final win, the biggest change was the coach, what does that tell you!!!

  14. It’s a game of footy for Christs sake.Collingwood just don’t have the cattle it’s as simple as that. 18 team comp and there is only one winner each year, you just need to be realistic when it’s your turn.

  15. I don’t know other teams have young players same as us we play one good game against the bombers and when we come up against stronger clubs ll the good plays not there so we have the players so what is it aretheybeeing coached wrong so e thing is badly wrong maybe the board needs to ha e a chat to the coaches this is a buisness and as the managers of the business they need to be held to account if there methods are wrong and cannot deliver resaults then it is time for a change as a supporter we are like shareholders of the buisness we deserve a dividend at this stage we are not getting one so the CEO and his team need to find the answer very quick if a change is needed then do it and release a statement telling us whatis wrong and what they are doing to fixit6

  16. Fairweather supporter.How do you think we at Fremantle felt when we lost to them.If you arent there in the bad times dont be there in the good times. Piss off.

  17. What a load of bullshit.. Hes the reason Collingwood are shit cause he replaced and ace proven coach with a nobody in regards to coaching..

    Leave Eddie u destroyed our Premiership chances shut our Premiership window down with a Bang YOU ARE AT FAULT FAT PIG

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