North Melbourne veteran Brent Harvey will become just the 13th VFL/AFL player to play a match as a 38-year-old when he runs out against the Bombers on Saturday night.

Essendon games record holder Dustin Fletcher holds the record for the most games played over the age of 38, playing 32 matches for the Bombers after his 38th birthday, before he eventually retired at the end of last season.

Games played at the age of 38 of over:

32       Dustin Fletcher (Essendon, 1993-2015)
19       Craig Bradley (Carlton, 1986-2002)
13       Vic Cumberland (Melbourne and St Kilda, 1898-1920)
11       Michael Tuck (Hawthorn, 1972-1991)
9         Syd Barker Snr (Richmond, Essendon and North Melbourne, 1908-1927)
8         Ted Rowell (Collingwood, 1901-1915)
7         Teddy Rankin (Geelong, 1897-1910)
6         Charlie Hardy (Essendon, 1921-1925)
4         Jack Leith (Melbourne, 1897-1912)
2         Les Hughes (Collingwood, 1908-1922)
1         Bill Proudfoot (Collingwood, 1897-1906)
1         Jim Flynn (Geelong, Carlton, 1897-1910)

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