AFL 360’s Gerard Whateley says that AFL football operations manager Mark Evans must appeal Adam Cooney’s one game suspension.

Cooney’s bump on Stephen Coniglio was referred directly to the tribunal, where he was found guilty of rough conduct and suspended for one game. The incident was deemed to be careless, high contact and medium impact.

A character reference from current Gold Coast coach and former Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade helped reduce the ban to one match.

“I think it is outrageous in the way the rules are set up that this could come back as careless and medium (impact) when the player is knocked out,” Whateley said last night on AFL 360.

“On the four step scale this has to be high (impact). The Match Review Panel believed it to be careless and high, but they wouldn’t even cop the three weeks down to two.

“They believed two was manifestly inadequate for this action and the consequences of it.

“Good record is not part of the system anymore. Adrian Anderson (legal counsel) has pulled swiftie on that panel by essentially reverting to the system as it was and getting him a week bonus on a good record.

Whateley said Evans should take action against the unreasonable sanction.

“It’s time for Mark Evans to actually step and appeal one of these for the good of football and the justice system in football. He needs to take this to the appeals board tomorrow night and say ‘actually, do you know what? We’re just not going to wear this error’,” Whateley said.

“There’s no possible way in this it can be one week.

“We expect and need better in a judicial system. It’s not the first time the tribunal system has let down its half of the bargain.”