MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Spectators watch the action during the VFL Second Semi Final between the Geelong Cats and the North Ballarat Roosters at TEAC Oval on September 10, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Sean Garnsworthy/Getty Images)

Self-professed footy expert Macca hails from Tom Groggin, and is the star of the local footy side in the Victorian town.

He would have made the big time, although after suffering a severely stubbed toe during his teenage years, he’s had to settle for dominating the local football scene. 

Our newest member of the team here at Zero Hanger, we’ve given him the floor to vent his thoughts on all things footy. And today, he’s gotten around Stephen Coniglio for re-signing with the Giants

I’m a big fan of the one they call Cogs!

And I reckon he’ll be a big fan of his bank account over the next seven years. The big fella signed a mega $7 million dollar deal with GWS to keep him at the club for life.

Now, let’s be honest, no one actually wants to play for the Giants or live in Western Sydney. I hear the folk are a little weird out that way. Especially someone with as much talent as Coniglio.

So for him to commit the rest of his career to the club is bloody grouse! Because you know what that means? Loyalty isn’t dead in the AFL!

Now, as I’m sure you all know, I was in line to become the AFL’s next star before stubbing my toe in my teenage years. I don’t tell everyone this, but one of the big Victorian clubs actually guaranteed me a spot in their list prior to the injury, but keep that between us.

Anyway, I look at some of these kids that made it to the big time. They join the AFL system for two or three years, then piss off to any club they wish. The audacity of some of these kids, I tell ya!

See, I missed the opportunity to play professional footy due to my serious injury, then see some of these guys taking their spot for granted, and quite frankly it’s piss weak.

I don’t care if you play for GWS, Gold Coast or the bloody Dandenong Stingrays. Show some bloody loyalty!

I’ve been reading up about this Jack Martin fella wanting out of the Suns and even this Callum Ah Chee. There are even rumblings Benny King is homesick. Mate, these blokes have been up on the Gold Coast for two minutes! What a fair dinkum joke.

If every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted out of their clubs, we wouldn’t have an AFL anymore, it would be ruined! Keeping these talented players at their clubs makes for a better national competition on the whole. Why do you reckon Brisbane struggled for so many years, or why the Suns are so crap?

So I tip my hat to ya Cogs. You could’ve taken that dirty money to move to a Hawthorn and help them win another million premierships. But instead, you’ve stayed at the Giants to try and help them raise their first flag. Good on ya for having a crack.

The reason our game is the best in the world is because ANYONE can win the silverware, not just the big clubs. And Cogs has helped keep it that way. I’ll be sure to buy you a beer if I ever see you around mate. Actually, you can probably reach into your wallet and shout me one.

Macca out.