Tom Liberatore prepares to handball. Picture: Michael Klein. Source: Herald Sun.

The future of Tom Liberatore is at a crossroads after receiving another club sanction, due to a multi-day period of partying.

Liberatore suffered a season ending ACL injury in the pre-season, and was shortly due to go to Europe with friends.

However, the Western Bulldogs have since intervened in his plans after his latest indiscretion, which caused him to miss compulsory club appointments.

The club has instead diverted Liberatore to Thailand to work on his rehabilitation for his knee injury.

The sanction is the latest in a long list of indiscretions from Liberatore, with patience beginning to run thin at the Kennel. The most notable of which was in 2012, when he was given a strike by the AFL and a four match club suspension, after being caught in possession of an illicit substance.