Source: Daniel Wilkins / News Limited.

Former West Coast star Daniel Kerr has admitted drinking alcohol and using ice is to blame for his troubled past.

Daniel Kerr has told Nine News that alcohol and drug addiction has had a terribly negative effect on his life.

“It brainwashes you into a mindset of negativity … it is as big a risk to society as anything out there,” he said about ice.

“My problem stems back to drinking too much, and then once I drink too much I’m pretty much up for anything.

Kerr is now working with Indigenous Services Australia as he attempts to turn his troubled past around.

“I want to try and be a normal cat instead of being a weirdo like I’ve been probably for the last six to eight months.”

Kerr spent five nights in prison last year after he was arrested for allegedly throwing petrol around and trying to light it.

He also faced court last Wednesday over charges of allegedly sending threatening text messages to his former girlfriend.

The West Coast Premiership player says that mixing with the wrong crowd is the biggest mistake he made on his path to alcohol and drug abuse.

“It’s no one else’s fault but my own,” he said.

“The Eagles couldn’t have done more; my parents couldn’t have given me a better upbringing,” he said.

“I’ve been given every opportunity under the sun to do the right thing and I just got involved with the wrong crowd.”