MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 27: North Melbourne President Dr Sonja Hood speaks before the 2022 AFL Round 02 match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the West Coast Eagles at Marvel Stadium on March 27, 2022 In Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael WillsonAFL Photos)

Members of North Melbourne's group 'The Shinboners' are said to have levelled demands for mass change at Arden Street, with key boardroom figures in their crosshairs.

Following the Kangaroos' 13th successive defeat on Saturday night, the highly influential and financially invested collective is reported to have called for the heads of club president, Dr. Sonja Hood, chief executive officer, Ben Amarfio, and others in executive posts to resign immediately.

Reports of the descent within the Arden Street ranks were first made public by SEN's Sam Edmund, with the scribe stating that the status quo would no longer suffice in the minds of the club's most authoritative supporters.

According to Edmund, an aggrieved email authored by "prominent member" Adrian Kinderis is said to be circulating the details of the possible coup and grievances regarding how his financial donations have been spent.

As the founder of Linga Network - an electric vehicle charging station provider - Kinderis is purported to have a certain level of cachet within the club's huddle.

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However, it is not yet known exactly how much clout the start-up investor has within the coterie, or whether the collective holds enough sway to see a series of heads roll on their command.

Within a portion of his correspondence published by SEN, Kinderis called directly for Amarfio's head.
“Sorry Ben, you gotta go and take the club president with you – anyone that backed this experiment that was called wrong at the time and has been wrong ever since needs to be held accountable,” Kinderis wrote.

“I am frustrated and, quite frankly, embarrassed. I pay my money and have done for many years, too many. I will say what I think and I think it is time for action.

“I share this with Shinboners as I hope you share my sentiment.”

Kinderis went on to stress that the unspecified six-figure sum that he has gifted to the club go down as the worst expenditures of his professional career.

“People often ask me, as an investor and entrepreneur (I HATE that word) ‘Which is my best investment’. I can certainly tell them the one that has paid the least in dividends (satisfaction?) is the hundreds of thousands I have contributed to the club over the more recent years, and that is the North Melbourne Football Club," he added.

As advertised on the club's website, the price tag of membership to join 'The Shinboners' coterie is set at $6100 per season.

HOBART, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 26: Nick Larkey of the Kangaroos looks dejected after a loss during the 2022 AFL Round 15 match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Adelaide Crows at Blundstone Arena on June 26, 2022 in Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Currently rooted to the foot of the table with just a singular win to their name and a percentage below that of Fitzroy during their wind-up season of 1996, there is little doubt that the Roos are currently at the nadir of their annus horribilis

And with calls already coming for head coach David Noble to be released of his duties and the prospect of seeing on-field pillars of their rebuild departing, the prospect of the grey clouds clearing appears impossible at the present.

Added external pressure appears set to penetrate the Roos' inner sanctum, with veteran journalist Caroline Wilson claiming on Monday night that the AFL is poised to conduct a "full-scale intervention" of the club. 

Speaking on Footy Classified, Wilson stated that history would suggest that powerbrokers at Arden Street may soon be shifted or be asked to open their books to honchos from AFL House.
"(The AFL) are furious North didn't further try and make a further foray into Tasmania under Buckley," Wilson said.

"They're furious at the bungled coaching appointments, not just David Noble, but they're not blaming him for this problem."

Still, despite suggestions that members of 'The Shinboners' coterie will fight for her removal, Wilson was of the view that Hood would retain her presidency given her infancy in the position.

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"The only person who I think they're not blaming, or who they're not critical of, is the current president in Sonja Hood, and she's only been in the job six or seven months," Wilson added.

However, aside from the philosophy doctorate, the jobs of others pulling the strings behind the scenes were in jeopardy, per Wilson's claims.

"I'm talking about the CEO, the list manager, the head of football. I'm not sure about the board, but I think what the AFL wants to do is significantly reshape that football club, who are dragging down the competition and at the moment, creating a bye for the rest of the competition," she said.

The notion of an intervention comes less than a fortnight after former club administrator Geoff Walsh was invited back into North's fold, currently taking on a hands-on role within the club's football department.