Kane Cornes has revealed for the first time what Will Minson said to him about his sick son during a game in 2008 that left the former Port player fuming.

Minson publicly aplogised a few days after the game, after Cornes was so upset that he refused to answer any of the ruckman’s phone calls. However, it was never revealed what was said, until now.

Cornes’ son was born with Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage. The disease is an extremely rare heart condition in which one of his lungs gets more blood than it is meant to.

The Herald Sun has revealed that Cornes, speaking to Mike Sheahan on Fox footy’s Open Mike with his brother Chad and father Graham, which will be broadcast on Monday, explained that Minson said: “Shouldn’t you be home with your dying son?”

At the time, Cornes’ son, Eddy, who was only one, was fighting for his life in hospital, as the Power premiership player explains that he “had a number of complications when he was young”.

“I was a bit blown away (when Minson made the remark). I played with his brother, Hugh, and I think their father had passed away so I said, ‘That’s a really strange thing to say. I know what you’ve been through’.

“He rang me after the game, but I didn’t take his call.”