MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 28: Easton Wood of the Bulldogs competes for the ball against Reece McKenzie of the Tigers (R) during the NAB Challenge AFL match between the Western Bulldogs and the Richmond Tigers at Whitten Oval on February 28, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Retired Tiger Reece McKenzie slams Richmond in stunning Facebook post

Recently retired Richmond footballer, Reece McKenzie, has published a scathing Facebook post aimed at the Richmond Football Club.

McKenzie, 20, retired earlier this year due to personal reasons without playing a game in 18 months on the Tigers’ list.

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However, six months after calling time on his AFL career, McKenzie has broken his silence, labelling the club “an incompetent, dysfunctional, joke and embarrassment of a club”.

He goes on to criticise football manager Dan Richardson’s role at the club, while also slamming his treatment during his time on the playing list.

Read his full post below:

“When you have intolerable levels of anxiety and depression and have developed an eating disorder causing you to lose all of your friends all because of an incompetent, dysfunctional, joke and embarrassment of a club,” McKenzie wrote.

“I didn’t retire from football because of mental health reasons, I quit Richmond, I f***ing quit because if I had continued to receive the treatment that they were giving me I would have killed myself no doubt.

“No person at any profession deserves the treatment I received, they are a disgrace to professional sporting clubs around the world and it’s no wonder they got someone else in to do Dan Richardson’s job because he knows f*** all about football and f*** all about basic human care.

“When I was 16 I tried to commit suicide, but I failed, I failed because in those moment of agony I told myself that I would one day play AFL and that was the only thing that was going to keep me going and then one day I got there only to have my dream taken away by a joke of a club that doesn’t know how to take care of its players.

“I am now a broken man because of this. Football was my life and now I don’t even know if I will ever be able to return to the football field because of my anxiety.

“They even tried to silence me by signing a deed of release that was going to have a silence clause for life but instead I signed one that was for a ‘reasonable period of time’.

“Well you know what, I find it a pretty damn reasonable period of time…f*** you Richmond, thanks for ruining my life, just hope you don’t f*** someone else’s up too.”


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    • Someone got their period, what a low dog act thing to try and blame mental illness on a football club, grow the fuck up and deal with your shit like everyone else suffering from the same shit he apparently is…

  1. Sad to read. I think it’s a shame his depression was so severe that he was suicidal at 16 i.e.: pre Richmond, which would certainly mean his mental is more susceptible to decline than another player (who hasn’t suffered so severely.)
    I wish him only the best in his life & hope he has strong family support in getting back on track with his young life.

    • The kid has obviously got issues, both prior and current.

      I’m no fan of our recent player development (prob why we just sacked them all) but having seen how the club has dealt with issues with Cousins, Dusty, Yarran etc in recent times, I think poor Reece is the one with the issue here.

  2. Dont know… seems more like the kid needs some assistance… some fair worrying warning signs in there… i dare say any AFL team that delisted him would have copped this…


    • Hahaha he’s 20 years old, with the club for 18 months and couldn’t get a game….have a fucken sook. It’s easier to blame the club than realise you’re not good enough to make the team

  3. I hope only the best for Reece moving forward but on pure stats Richmond Football Club are a joke of a club. Old blokes still cling on to the 70’s and 1980’s but the simple truth is they are the worst performing football club since 1982 and are no closer to a flag than they were in their infamous ten year plan in 1985!….that’s 34 years of being pathetic. Surely it’s time the AFL kicked them out to the VFL as they are clearly not at AFL standard as an organisation.

  4. Very sad to hear him blame the club. His Mental Health problems started well before he got to the club by the sounds of it. It will be interesting to hear the clubs side as well. Beyond Blue is available if any one needs them pass it on. It just sounds like this young man was not up to the standards of AFL . So sad. I hope he manages to get helped through this.

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