Scott Cummings

3AW has confirmed former AFL star Scott Cummings will not be apart of their 3AW Football coverage again this year, after comments he made in the Humpday podcast with Dane Swan.

Cummings and Swan were accused of enabling sexual harassment against women, with the pair eventually shutting down their podcast following backlash from the community.

Cummings issued a statement apologising for his remarks on Tuesday afternoon, although 3AW released a statement of their own, condemning his behaviour.

3AW is disgusted by comments made by one of its football commentary contributors, Scott Cummings, and published within a personal podcast. Although the comments were never aired on 3AW, we believe there is no platform appropriate for such remarks.

Sexual assault is never a laughing matter. Jokes about sexual assault are never OK.

We fully endorse comments from Domestic Violence Victoria today that “flippant comments degrading women are often dismissed as trivial, harmless and even funny, however, the evidence tells us that these attitudes contribute towards the social conditions that allow family violence and violence against women to continue unabated”.

We acknowledge Mr Cummings has this afternoon issued an apology and will seek guidance from Domestic Violence Victoria on the best way to move forward.

Nonetheless, the fact that this podcast was published, remains online, and was defended by Mr Cummings on social media, shows incredibly poor judgment.

As such, we have decided to terminate our relationship with Mr Cummings. He will not appear on 3AW Football again this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to direct people to Our Watch’s ‘Doing Nothing Does Harm’ campaign — When you see disrespect towards women, do something.