Collingwood cheer squad identity Jeff “Joffa” Corfe has been nominated for the Australian of the Year. Yep, you read that right.

Joffa is renowned for his colourful personality behind the goals during Magpies’ games and for donning his famous gold jacket when the Pies win.

However, few people know that he also does a lot of charity work. He is an ambassador for the Epilepsy foundation, he has worked extensively with the Salvation Army in supporting Melbourne’s homeless and he works closely with Reclink Australia, an organisation which provides and promotes sport and art for people who are disadvantaged.

Joffa received a letter this week informing him that he had been nominated and made the shortlist of 128 for the Australian of the Year. The nominees will be cut down to 32 in two months time, and then cut down again to the final four before the winner is announced on Australia Day.



  1. Good on him. Just because he is a collingwood supporter just do a bit of research on the guy before you bag him. His charity work is a 365 day a year gig. He helps the homeless volunteers at soup kitchen’s rode from SA to Vic to raise moneys for the epilepsys foundation……the lists goes on and on. So feel free to bag the guy who does more than puts the odd $ into a charity tin if its going to make you feel better !!

  2. Given the amount of charity work he does – good on him.

    At least he’s a real nomination – not some token who’ve won in the past

  3. I’m a crows supporter but this guy does more for the community than adam Goodes ever did. He is a great person, find out what he has done to be nominated before you take a pot shot at him.
    Good on ya Joffa, your still a footy knucklehead but a good human and you deserve the honour.

  4. Joffa does charity work for the homeless so can everyone stop hating him and do some research on why he has been nominated for Australia of the year and what is everyone’s beef with Goodes he deserved Australia of the year!

  5. Wish people would take the time to look at what he does before they judge him.
    Put aside he is a Collingwood supporter and check out his charity work the reason he has been nominated

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