Lewis Jetta says his war cry goal celebration was to show support for Adam Goodes, after he once again received constant booing from opposition fans on Sunday evening.

Jett re-ignited the debate surrounding Goodes’ war cry goal celebration used in the indigenous round, when he celebrated the same way yesterday after kicking a goal.

His celebration involved mimicking throwing a spear into the crowd.

Jetta said Goodes deserves more respect from fans and called for the booing to stop.

“All through the game ‘Goodesy’ was getting touches and getting booed the whole time, so it was just a bit of support,” Jetta told Swans TV.

“He’s a superstar of the game, a superstar for us (at the) Swans, and fans need to show more respect for what he’s done for the game.

“All this booing stuff needs to be thrown out the window.”

Goodes said he was very proud of Jetta for showing his support during the game.

“It’s awesome, we’re in his country here in Western Australia, and he’s got all his family and friends at the ground,” Goodes said.

“To see him do that made me very proud and to hear him talk about the reason he chose to do it in support of me, and what’s continually going on out there, it’s fantastic.

“It makes me very proud that he was thinking about me when he was doing it.”