Illicit-drug hair test results would be concealed from AFL coaches, club presidents and their boards in a renewed confidentiality deal expected to be struck in the coming week between the players and head office.

And the AFL Players’ Association will push for the enforcement of statutory declarations to be signed off by all parties when informing key club bosses of the highly sensitive off-season illicit drug numbers.

An AFLPA board meeting last week saw the players reinforce their commitment to the new illicit drugs policy and the off-season hair testing but concerns over a confidentiality breach saw the association push for the new parameters around the information.

Under the restrictions only club chief executives, general managers of football and potentially player development managers would be given access to the information.



  1. the AFLPA clearly have no concern for player welfare at all, yeah we’ll try and do everything to get you more money and rights etc etc but when it comes to your health wgaf yeah

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