Irishman Pearce Hanley has admitted that he spent more time in the pub than trying to improve his game during his first two years at the Brisbane Lions.

Hanley, who plays his 100th AFL game this weekend, says that it was only after he copped a spray from the club and from football manager Graeme Allan that he changed his ways and began to work hard.

“I think I was drunk my first two years,” Hanley¬†said.

“I still had a great time and it’s made me who I am now. My professionalism has got a lot better and I’m really enjoying my footy at the moment and I’ve definitely pulled my head in.

“It dawned on me at my three-year mark.

“I got in a bit of strife and thought I was in a bit of trouble. The club were very good to stand by me.

“I thought I wasn’t going to be given another contract and I thought I was going to be sent home.

“I remember I got a bit emotional in front of the boys and I think from there I turned my year around.”