Karmichael Hunt leaves Southport Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to four charges of cocaine possession in March. Photo: Getty Images.

Gold Coast Suns will interview its players again after Karmichael Hunt’s claims that several ex-teammates were cocaine users.

Hunt told Police that a number of his former teammates used cocaine at the Suns’ ‘Mad Monday’ celebrations and again at an end of season trip.

He also alleged that one player contributed to payment of the drug.

Gold Coast captain Gary Ablett has denied that there is a drug culture at the Suns, despite Hunt’s statement to Police that a number of his teammates at the Suns used cocaine.

“No I definitely wasn’t part of that and I had no idea anything like that was going on,” Ablett told 3AW.

“I’ve never seen anything like that going on and I think it would be wrong for me to comment because it’s been something that’s written in the paper and I want to make sure the facts have been put in front of the whole leadership group and we’ll work out the process that we go through from there.”

Th Suns will conduct further interviews with their players in an attempt to identify the names of the players.

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