The AFL has chosen not to appeal Adam Cooney’s one match suspension after receiving legal advice not to attempt to overturn the ban.

AFL General Manager of Football Operations Mark Evans said in a statement that the League and the MRP believe Cooney should have received a three match ban.

“The AFL’s legal advice was that the points of appeal relating to classification and/or sanction around ‘manifestly excessive’ did not allow grounds for the AFL to appeal on the belief the penalty was too low,” the statement read.

What that means is that the AFL’s own rules in relation to appealing a decision, does not allow it to appeal a decision that it thinks is too low. The League can only appeal a tribunal decision if it believes a player has been suspended for too long.

“The AFL was further advised that it was open to the Tribunal members last night to determine medium impact on the evidence and argument presented, albeit the AFL viewed the impact was high.

“It was also open to the Tribunal members to consider the player’s record in exceptional and compelling circumstances, albeit again that the AFL viewed the incident worthy of a minimum two-game suspension with an early plea.”