PERTH, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 27: An Eagles supporter watches the Essendon v Fremantle game on her smart phone before the round 23 AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and the Adelaide Crows at Domain Stadium on August 27, 2017 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The way Aussie football fans are watching the sport is changing rapidly these days, all thanks to the technological advancements made in the past one decade. The modern day technology evolves based on the consumers’ needs. And one of their basic needs is to be constantly entertained, wherever they might be, whatever time they might like.

Not only are these fans using various means of making their football viewing spaces more comfortable, they are also opting for devices that enable them to stay connected to the action even while being on the move.

As per a report, Australians collectively consume more than 60 million hours of sports action per week, and are still asking for more! Not only are they seeking more content, they are opting for new ways to interact with and view their favourite sides.

The Aussie football fans of today like curating their own experiences by listening to their preferred commentators and opting for different camera angles. The sports industry is also responding accordingly and is constantly adopting new and interesting means of delivering more content.

Transformation of living rooms into stadiums

A recent research carried out by a consulting firm called The Gemba Group revealed that a great number of sports fans now use multi-screen option to stay connected to the action.

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So, while they might be in their living rooms watching an AFL match between Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns, they might even have their tablets next to them keeping themselves updated about the live stats.

Although surround-sound speakers deliver audio quality that gives a feeling of being in the centre of all the action, you could also be simultaneously streaming an altogether different match or perhaps checking some other sports news on your laptop.

Furthermore, some other member of your family might be connected online and streaming a completely different sports event at the same time.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 11: Fans wear big freeze beanie in support of the Big Freeze fundraiser for MND research during the 2018 AFL round 12 match between the Melbourne Demons and the Collingwood Magpies at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on June 11, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Using wireless headphones enable football fans to focus on their choice of content, without any external distractions.

While a good majority of fans use big screens to enhance their viewing experience, they are no longer constrained by the broadcasting deals. They don’t necessarily need to watch the action on the TV, and can even stream it live on a device of their choice.

More number of experiences

The tech revolution has had a great impact on sports viewing and is rapidly bringing the sports that were once niche, into the mainstream. eSports are an excellent example in this regard which now enjoys a whopping 1.5 million followers all over Australia.

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Digital technologies have opened up a completely different realm of sports and are creating a whole new breed of fan base. Gaming, which once used to be an activity based entirely on participation, has now transformed into a spectator sport enjoyed and followed world over.