After James Hird’s departure from the Bombers, we take a hilarious look at what Hird’s next career move could be!

Supplements supplier: The world of health and fitness continues to hit new heights, as does the demand for the latest supplements. James Hird would be a perfect ambassador and supplier of all the latest gear to get you, well…geared.

Comedian: Hird has given us some great one liners over the past few years with his criticism of the AFL and its leaders. A career in comedy after his disastrous tenure as Essendon coach may re-invent his damaged image.

Race director at Team Sky (Cycling team): The cycling world’s troubles with doping are well known. James Hird, being an expert on the matter could also reignite Stephen Dank’s career!

Drug rehabilitation councilor: Hirdy has been at the helm while 34 current and past Essendon players suffer through the drugs saga. Surely he has learned a thing or two about how to help people deal with it.

Politician: Whether the Bombers are guilty of taking a banned substance or not, Hird has done a great job of denying many of the accusations that have come his way. That stuff is gold in the political world. Tony Abbott has no doubt been studying Hird’s media conferences every night for the past three years to perfect the art of denial.