WADA’s claim that new testing of two players’ urine samples have returned high levels of Thymosin Beta 4 does not change anything, according to Essendon coach James Hird.

WADA has revealed in a brief, that re-testing of frozen urine samples found abnormal amount of Thymosin Beta 4 in two players that were on Essendon’s list in 2012.

Thymosin Beta 4 is the banned performance enhancing drug that the Esendon players are accused of taking.

“It sounds like there’s nothing there,” Hird said outside his home this morning.

“I don’t think (it changes anything). The club’s pretty comfortable. Yes (I’m comfortable with it).”

WADA will argue that this is enough evidence that Thymosin Beta 4 was artificially introduced to the Essendon players.

Former Esendon great Tim Watson said that he believes the evidence is not substantial enough to affect the case.

“TB-4 occurs naturally. It’s yet to be determined what an elevated level of TB-4 is in the system. Medical evidence suggests that if you have a wound or a strain, that’s where it occurs. But nobody really knows what it is … or what is an elevated level,” Watson said on SEN this morning.

“I don’t know how significant it is, because it was buried in WADA’s submission.

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