LAUNCESTON, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 28: Bradley Hill of the Hawks runs with the ball during the round 15 AFL match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Gold Coast Suns at Aurora Stadium on June 28, 2014 in Launceston, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Hawthorn’s Brad Hill has been fined $500.00 for driving while his licence isΒ suspended.

Hill appeared in court on Wednesday morning after being caught driving whilst suspended, with the premiership player escaping with a minor fine.

Hill will also face court later this month after being charged with assault by Police earlier thisΒ year.

The 24-year-old was involved in an alleged altercation atΒ a Narre Warren nightclub in Melbourne’s South-East on January 24.

He will face Danednong Magistrates Court on Monday, June 27.


  1. Criticise the umpires and the AFL hand out $80,000 in fines … will be interesting to see if they do anything here for bringing the game in to disrepute ????

    • And the only thing that is poor is Hawthorns growing “entitlement culture”, drink driving, driving whilst disqualified, sexual assault charges, assault charges the list just keeps growing

    • Interesting thoughts from a club who had a supporter evicted for allegedly punching a woman earlier this year.

      Must hurt to lose any key players as soon as they want out.

      Good cultures tend to keep, good players.

    • Buddy is a different scenario to the rest however.

      Mcglynn and Kennedy were behind the likes of Sewell,Bateman etc
      All premiership players.

      I think we have done ok since they moved on.

      Suckling wasn’t a guaranteed starter so moved on for opportunity. Can’t begrudge that.

      Tippett,Davis,Bock now Jenkins.

      Oh and I almost forgot GUNston.

      How have they been replaced??

    • Well Tex can I just a say how well you’ve angled your argument at the loss of above average footballers from your club, you’ve done a great job at dissecting each departure to not relate to culture and then perfectly executed the naming of 4 former Adelaide players without analysing their reason for moving on πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Buddy left for a big money long term deal which we were not willing to match. (Seems to have worked ok)

      All the above departures you mentioned had nothing to do with culture.
      Merely wanted opportunity which the club abliged by getting it done.

      I think the proof is in the premiership pudding that the club has been more than capable of success and their allowed departures justified.

      I’m sure a student of the game such as yourself will agree that losing arguably the best player in the game and winning back to back flags is a feat that is only achievable via Top quality culture.

    • yeh that’s fair we’ll allow the “offer to good to refuse” excuse to be used for buddy but no one else πŸ‘. As for culture, I’ll refer you back to my original argument of a downward spiral, there have been 4 separate incidents involving police in the past 9 months, don’t recall a similar period where that has happened

    • I never used that line for anyone else. There opportunities elsewhere were more than what were available at hawthorn at the time.

      Joey Kennedy would certainly be in Hawthorns best over the last few. However I feel mcglynn would be up against up and coming youngsters.

  2. Poor result by the afl and the court! If professional sportsmen were treated like civilians then they (b.hill) would be unemployed for his actions! It’s a disgrace that afl and nrl players continuously getting away with whatever they like!

  3. I did the same thing as he did three years loss of license and then three years Interloc fucking bullshit only cause he’s a black abbo and plays football for guess who Hawthorne.

  4. Typical hawks players no sanction by the afl nor the club apart from 500$ i wouldnt get outa bed for that anyhow
    Craig Day Brent Nano Tarone Jay Smith John Dave Grant

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