Source: Herald Sun.

North Melbourne veteran Brent Harvey believes he will be the last AFL player to play 400 games, with the demands of the game making it too difficult for anyone else to reach the milestone.

On Saturday night Brent Harvey will become just the fourth play in VFL/AFL history to play 400 career games, joining Michael Tuck (426 games), Kevin Bartlett (403) and Dustin Fletcher (400).

“I think 400 is a milestone that won’t happen again. I honestly believe that I’ll be the last player to do that,” Harvey told

“(I don’t mean) to sound big-headed or anything like that, but the game has changed so much and certainly if I had started 10 years ago I wouldn’t be playing 400 games, there’s no way known.

“When I first started it was three days a week training. You could certainly come in and do a little bit extra if needed, but there were three days a week of training, two weight sessions and that was pretty much it.

“Now we’re at the football club from 8am to 3pm every day expect for one day during that week. Not only physically but mentally, it grinds you down a little bit.

“Things have just got bigger, harder and longer. So for that reason I don’t think anyone will reach the 400 milestone again.”