Taylor Walker of the Crows is tackled by Dane Rampe of the Swans during the 2016 AFL First Semi Final match between the Sydney Swans and the Adelaide Crows at the Sydney Cricket Ground on September 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Grant Thomas calls on three players to hand over captaincy

Former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas has called on Taylor Walker to handover the Adelaide captaincy.

Speaking on EON Sports Radio on Monday, Thomas said the Crows would become a better side if Walker stepped down, with midfielder Rory Sloane a great leader ready to take the reigns.

Thomas believes a change of role for Sloane would further improve his game and in turn the club, while Walker would continue to display the leadership he currently shows on field, resulting in a massive upside for the Crows.

Rory Sloane would be a great person to take the reigns at Adelaide,” Thomas said.

“Even though Taylor Walker, everyone says, is a fantastic captain. Well Taylor Walker is going to be a fantastic leader in any game he plays.

“He’s not going to change, he’s not going to drop his bottom lip and be any different. Captains keep being captains even when they’re not captains and when new captains become captains logic tells you you’re twice better off.”

Walker has been captain of the club since the beginning of 2015 and he was awarded the AFL’s best captain at the AFL MVP awards night earlier this year.

Thomas also suggested Bob Murphy and Scott Pendlebury should step down from their roles for the betterment of the team and to allow other players to fast track their leadership development.

“It’s illogical in my thinking to have Bob Murphy take that position next year,” Thomas said.

“It goes to the point of future development and benefit of the club overall. Bob’s not going to be any different and Easton Wood might come out of his shell.

“We see what happens when these guys remain captain of their club for a long period of time, they leave a hole behind them.”