Picture: Michael Dodge.

Former Suns players have reportedly revealed a disturbing divide between players at the club.

Triple M radio broadcaster, Chris Dittmar said that he spoke to past Gold Coast Suns players on the weekend following Karmichael Hunt’s revelations that cocaine use was prevalent at the club.

Dittmar revealed that former players, who he did not name, spoke about a worrying culture and divide between players at the Gold Coast.

“All is not well at that football club — in a big way,” Dittmar said on the Roo and Ditts For Breakfast show on Monday morning.

“They’ve got a major issue at their club. There are two sets of players basically. (It’s divided) right down the middle and they don’t see eye to eye at all.

“One group is out on the turps and the other group are in bloody bible class. There’s a God squad on one half of the change rooms, they go to bible readings and sit and talk about God. And the other half are at the pub. It’s true.”

The club announced yesterday that it will launch an investigation into Hunt’s claims.

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