Picture: Wayne Ludbey. Source: Herald Sun

Essendon star Brendon Goddard believes that the AFL is trying too hard to accommodate for every possible scenario as it introduces new guidelines and rules for the Match Review Panel regarding rough conduct.

Speaking on Fox Footy’s AFL 360 last night, Goddard said that he thinks the League is possibly harming the game with the introduction of new sanctions surrounding the ‘sling tackle.’

“It’s not about trying to cause harm or hurt the player,” Goddard said.

“It’s an intent thing to show they’re being aggressive. No one goes out there thinking I’m going to try and hurt this guy.

“It just takes away that instinctive part of the game, which is the tackle. What are they trying to do to the game?”

“I understand their concerns about concussion and where they’re going with it but you can’t control every scenario.

“It’s not black and white, it’s grey. It’s footy. Every time you run out you take the risk, you know the risks every player takes at every level.

“There’s a risk with playing a contact sport and in such a sport like we have.

“Send the messages about concussion and so forth but it just feels like we’re trying to control just too much.”

Goddard said he is worried that players are going to be suspended for accidental injuries, rather than incidents with malice.

“There are still going to be accidents, that’s what I’m saying. Guys are going to be suspended for pure accidents,” he said.