Bryce Gibbs tackles Robbie Gray on Saturday afternoon.

Carlton will not appeal Bryce Gibbs’ two week suspension, meaning the tribunal will not sit tonight.

Had Gibbs challenged the ban, he risked facing a three week suspension, if unsuccessful in his appeal.

The Match Review Panel deemed Gibbs’ tackle on Robbie Gray to be careless conduct and high impact to the head, charging Gibbs with rough conduct, resulting in a three week ban, or a two week suspension with an early guilty plea.

Gray was stretched off the ground in a neck brace, after being knocked unconscious when his head hit the ground as a result of the tackle.

The decision has divided opinion with several former players disagreeing with the ban, with North Melbourne great Wayne Carey labelling the decision as “terrible.”

Josh Gibson, Andrew Swallow, Ben Stratton and Mathew Stokes all accepted their fines from the MRP.



Watch the incident here: