Geelong’s James Kelly says he is keen to play on next season, despite the fact that he is yet to be offered a new contract with the Cats.

Kelly told Channel Nine that his body is feeling good enough to play a 15th season in the AFL but hasn’t ruled out playing at another club in 2016.

“That’s a decision that comes after the decision of whether I’m going to play on at Geelong or not,” Kelly said.

“(But) I still feel like I’m going really well, my body’s good and mentally I’m still really enjoying the challenge.

“At the end of the day, the club has to make a decision that’s best for the club. I love the club and I can’t get angry at the club for making a decision that they think’s best fort eh club. So whatever happens, I’ll walk out a happy man.

“Everyone goes through it at some stage of their career. It takes you back to your first couple of years of your career where you’re trying to prove yourself. In your first year, you’re still learning. In your last year, you’re trying to see where you can still improve and still make some contributions to the game.”