Richmond CEO Brendon Gale says the AFL should be more transparent with clubs around the free agency model.

Gale tole SEN Radio that the free agency compensation formula is “complex” as the AFL has declined to make the guidelines public.

“One of the shortcomings of the model is that it doesn’t lend itself to transparency,” Gale said.

“The original model (for free agency) that was put forward by the players’ association when I was involved was that there would be no compensation. At all.

“It was very clear and open and transparent and the compensation that a club would get for losing a player would be a spot on their list and the salary cap space to go and secure another player.

“The lack of transparency around the compensatory formula … it doesn’t inform the public and it would increasingly seem to frustrate clubs, so it’s a bit of an issue, that’s for sure.

“The AFL are pretty strong and say it’s important that clubs receive compensation for losing a player, but let’s be clear — what’s the basis? What are the criteria that will apply?

“A club (needs that transparency so it) can refer to so they can have a really clear sense of what they can receive. That will form an important part of the decision making in the first place.”