Former West Coast premiership star Daniel Chick has exposed the Eagles’ toxic drug culture of illicit and prescription drugs during the side’s 2006 premiership season.

Chick told the Herald Sun that powerful asthma pills, Xanax, Sudafed, Stilnox and Valium were among drugs provided through the Eagles, that were abused by several players. He said that the use of illicit drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy was widespread and not limited to just a few players.

“At those levels it’s the same as being a full-on meth addict,” he said.

“The lack of sleep, the depression, it affects your mental health, coping mechanisms, metabolic rates and causes memory loss and sleep issues. It’s not a coincidence the three of us have had issues with substance abuse.”

Chick said that several players abused a drug called prednisone, that ultimately helped the players feel “bullet proof”.

This drug is banned under the anti-doping rules, unless cleared by ASADA for players who are asthmatic. Daniel Kerr, Ben Cousins and Daniel Chick had this approval.

Chick said he would take the medication during the season and on game days.

“I couldn’t even sit still on the bench,” he said.

“I started taking the 20mgs and 5mgs tablets on game day but then it escalated up to 40 to 50mgs quickly.

“It smashes your system. I’ve since read a lot about it, we didn’t know what was done to us. You feel bulletproof basically.

“Even the next day or two you wouldn’t feel knocks but by Wednesday you flatten out and it is hard to get going again. Once you are in that cycle it was like an addiction.”

Chick also said that he now laments his time at the Eagles and would give it all away for more time with his previous club, Hawthorn.

“I’d give up my premiership medallion for another 100 games with the Hawks because of the way I’ve been treated,” Chick says.

“It’s not a football club, West Coast, it’s a business and they didn’t care about the players.

“I went from the family club to the freakin’ playboy club and it ruined my life.

He added that “One staffer even ushered a player out the back door that he knew would fail a drug test. He said the player was not at training and was home sick.’’

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