Photo by Will Russell/AFL Media.

A West Coast fan who was ejected from Domain Stadium on Sunday denies his comment towards Adam Goodes was racist.

A West Coast Eagles fan allegedly told Sydney star Adam Goodes on Sunday to “get back to the zoo.”

The fan was kicked out of the stadium after he was reported by another member of the crowd via the text-in line at the ground. A second fan was also ejected from the opposite side of the ground.

The fan, who did not want to be named, spoke to The West Australian newspaper regarding his comment and treatment at the game.

He said the comment was not racist and was simply “off the cuff banter.”

“It was a flippant, off-the-cuff remark and the players would not have heard it for all the booing and banter coming from the crowd,” he told The West Australian.

“The whole world has gone too politically correct. It was just part of the banter of the game.

“I was not leaning over the fence taunting anyone. There was swearing in the crowd that was much more offensive than what I said.

“But I was the one humiliated by the over-the-top security, ordered out of my seat, spoken to like I was a criminal.

“Then I was questioned by police on the way out.”

Stadium management last night confirmed that two fans were ejected from the ground on Sunday “in accordance with the venue’s racial vilification complaint policy.”