Sports Scientist Stephen Dank answers questions related to the Essendon Football Club doping scandal during the Riddell Football Netball Club Sportman's Lunch at Crown Casino on March 21, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Dank vows to get Jobe’s Bronwlow back

Former Essendon sports scientist and architect of the Bombers’ 2012 supplements regime, Stephen Dank, says Jobe Watson will get his Brownlow medal back, after he presents evidence to the AFL’s appeals board.

Dank’s hearing is set for December 1, following an adjournment yesterday when he was a no show, after claiming a family member was gravely ill in hospital.

He is appealing the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal’s decision to ban Dank for life from working in any sport in Australia or overseas.

Speaking on Crocmedia’s Sportsday on Monday night, Dank vowed to clear everyone involved in the saga when his case is finally heard.

“My most desired outcome is for everyone to be cleared,” Dank said.

“Unfortunately players have served suspensions so that time can’t be given back to the players.

“I think by the time we finish this hearing Jobe will have his Brownlow back. I’ve got no problems with that.”

Dank has continued to maintain his innocence throughout the entire process, despite the 34 present and former Essendon players being handed 12 month bans by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“There’s been no evidence ever presented in the last four years which has absolutely robustly proven that the players used Thymosin beta-4. That evidence just doesn’t exist,” he said.

“My great hope is that we don’t just clear myself but we also clear the players.”

Dank has until November 26 to prove to the Appeal’s Board there was indeed a family emergency or his case will be dismissed.