Patrick Dangerfield will reportedly announce his intentions to join Geelong this week.

The Herald Sun has reported that Dangerfield has opted to join the Cats next year on what is believed to be a five-year deal.

However, the restricted free agent will have to wait to see if the Crows match Geelong’s offer.

If Adelaide does match Geelong’s offer, then Dangerfield would be forced to take his chances in the pre-season draft, where one of the eight teams that Β­finished below the Cats would almost certainly take him.



    • He’s normal bloke this is his job and as anyone else people change jobs all the time to benefit them selves ie money location etc lucky we had him as long as we did wish him well and be greatful for the years we had him

    • Sorry but i disagree-Anyone who gets drafted will one day harbour the desire to want to go back to their home state to finish off their career so he isn’t a traitor at all contrary to what you might believe or think.Yes,he did some many wonderful things while at Adelaide but he isn’t going to be the first or last to head east back to Victoria and it was only a matter of time and before you jump and down accusing him of being a traitor,just think-If you had a family to support while playing professional footy what would you do in this situation,would you stay at a club that is going to offer you a lesser deal compared to another club that will offer you more,plus most likely a role within the club once you retire

    • Haha of course you’d say that Danielle, only people from adelaide think it’s any good and cry like bitches to defend it. I’ve resided there, it’s a f’n dump.

    • Dude, he’s dedicated 8yrs of his life to the Adelaide footy club.. away from home, away from friends/family. I’m gonna hate to see him go; he’s been an absolute gun for the Crows. But he is well within his rights, no way is that man gonna be a traitor.

    • He said he was home sick just because he played for geelong falcons means jackshit I hope he is another Judd who had a chance to go to a team on their way up but took the money and went to the filth hope the cats get him and they don’t play finals for 5 years like Judd amd the scum

    • Sos – you must have ‘resided’ in the wrong part of Adelaide, champ πŸ˜€
      If ‘crying like a bitch’ means I get to consume Haigh’s chocolate, while sitting on a pristine beach and drinking world class wine – then I’ll take it😊
      Not to mention clean air, and much higher quality food than Melbs and also Sydney (where I currently ‘reside’).
      I’m sure Sale has to have something good though if quality people such as yourself ‘reside’ there πŸ‘πŸΌ

  1. Let him go a legend of a player that gave the crows good years with amazing talent.Extrodinay perfomaces week in week out. Wish him all the best for the future and be truly thankful for the awesome job he did for us(Crows)

  2. Poor form Dangerfield hope your game goes down afl needs to stop elite players going to clubs that have won a premiership in the last 20 years to even up the Comp boooooo Dangerfield 😁😁

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