Patrick Dangerfield and Rory Sloane celebrate after a Dangerfield goal. Photo: Sarah Reed. Source: News Corp Australia.

Adelaide chief executive Andrew Fagan says that all Crows players want to play this weekend to honour their coach Phil Walsh.

Fagan said that the club has told players that they do not have to play against West Coast this weekend if they do not feel up to it.

But so far all Adelaide players have indicated that they want to play, Fagan says.

“They know they have got some difficult days ahead well into the future, but equally about saying farewell to Phil,” Fagan told ABC radio on Tuesday.

“You are never going to force anything on anyone.

“But I think we have got a very resilient group here.

“Over the last 10 months in particular, we have gone on a real journey of change right across the Club and within the footy team, led by Walshy, who bonded these boys very, very closely.

“And they are going to want to play. And then we’ll just work out whether some of them have the capacity to go out there and play the way that he would have wanted them to play.

“If anyone feels they need a bit more time, then they will certainly get it.

“Let’s just keep asking each other whether they’re OK.

“I’m not sure we can do much more than what we have done at the moment, apart from allow time to work its way and help us to heal.”