Adelaide assistant coach Mick Godden has given a ruthless assessment on the status of Jordan Gallucci and where he is at on the even of the AFL season.

Gallucci, who was the 15th pick in 2016, has been left off the Crows’ 26-man squad for their first Marsh Community series game against Melbourne, with Godden stating that the 21-year olds “consistency” and “mental application” are not where it needs to be at this point in time to earn selection.

Gallucci has played 27 total AFL games, kicking 19 goals in that span. He was in and out of the Crows’ senior line-up in 2019, playing 10 AFL games and 12 SANFL games.

“Jordan just hasn’t quite got to the point where he was up for selection this year. His pre-season has been ok without being to the level that he would like, or we would like at this point,” Godden told SEN SA Breakfast.

“He has still got to work on his consistency so what he does is bits of individual bits of brilliance … but the reality is that the game goes for longer than that, so he needs to keep working on his consistency.

“He is working hard at it, the coaches are working hard with him, but he hasn’t quite made that jump at this stage.

“He is an explosive athlete, so to be able to maintain his effort throughout a day is a difficulty for him, so he is working hard on it and a lot of players are in that same boat. It takes them a while to keep that endurance in their game … and the other side is just maintaining his mental application.

“The game continues, it never stops, whether you’re in defence or attack. Modern day football you have to be up the ground and back down the ground and at times he lapses in applying that.

“He is progressing in that area, just hasn’t quite got to that level yet.”